Article A - Financial Systems


Part 1: Income

1.1 The income shall be in the form of an annual grant from the OVSAA

1.2 A fee will be levied to each member school to cover the expenses of the SOSAA including the three

coaches scheduling meetings per year.

(a) Flat rate of $150 per school

(b) $25.00 per grade

(c) Maximum of $225 per school

1.3 Fines to member schools:

(a) not attending seasonal meetings and SOSAA ($50) or OVSAA AGM ($400/day)

(b) failure to meet league commitment ($100); team dropping out ($150)

(c) the SOSAA will have three scheduling meetings per year. All schools must have a representative for each

sport in order to be able to enter a team in the league.

(d) appeals due to extenuating circumstances will be considered case by case

1.4 The fee is to cover the following SOSAA expenses:

(a) Executive Meetings and coaches scheduling meetings

(b) SOSAA AGM Meeting

(c) BCSS Liability Insurance

(d) Executive Expenses

Part 2: Disbursements

2.1 The Association shall pay an honorarium of $500.00 to the President.

2.2 The Association travel rate to attend SOSAA meetings will be $0.45/km (both ways). If the AD lives in the

town of the meeting then no rate applies.

2.3 The Association will not pay for the cost of referees during SOSAA Playoffs. These costs must be shared

equally by all participating schools.

2.4 The SOSAA will not pay expenses to member schools or commissions for league or zone events except

where special application is made to the SOSAA and there are exceptional circumstances.