Article D - Minutes of Meetings and Records


Part 1: Minutes of proceedings of General Meeting of the Association:

1.1 The minutes of General meetings shall be prepared and kept by the Vice-President or in his or her

absence, by such person acting on his or her behalf as the Chairman of the meeting shall direct.

1.2 All minutes of proceedings of the Association meetings shall be kept in the custody of the President who

shall ensure the same are kept in a safe and secure depository.

1.3 Minutes shall be distributed to all association members by the President or Vice-President.

Part 2: Minutes of Proceedings of Director’s Meetings:

2.1 The minutes of the Executive meetings shall be prepared by the Vice-President, or in his or her absence, by

such person as the President shall direct.

Part 3: Minutes of Proceedings of Commission and Committee Meetings:

The Commissioner of each Commission, and the Chairman of each committee, shall be responsible for preparing minutes of proceedings of all meetings of leagues or committees and shall furnish copies of the same to the President of the Association. The President shall send copies of all commission meeting minutes to the Executive.