Article F - Athletic Directors


Part 1: The Role of the Athletic Director

1.1 Each Member School shall designate a teacher, with an official of unofficial title of Athletic Director.

(a) The Athletic Director will sit on the SOSAA executive as a Director.

(b) If an Athletic Director/contact is not designated at the fall meeting, the school, at the executives

discretion, may not be allowed to enter teams in the SOSAA leagues.

1.2 Every Athletic Director shall receive the minutes from all SOSAA meetings.

Part 2: Athletic Director’s Responsibilities

2.1 The Athletic Director shall be responsible for general internal and external communication regarding


2.2 All Athletic Directors are required to attend the following Seasonal Executive Meetings

(dates are guidelines):

(a) Fall Meeting: Tuesday of week #2 in September

(b) Winter Meeting: Tuesday of the 2nd full week of November

(c) Spring Meeting: Tuesday of the 3rd full week of February

(d) AGM: 1st week of June