Article G - Sport Commissions and Commissioners


Organized sports carried out under the auspices of the Association shall be organized by leagues, and a league or any member of a team thereof shall only be entitled to participate in the activities of the Association upon the adoption and observation of the leagues and the rules of competition and practice hereinafter set out.

Part 1: Commissions

SOSAA Sport commissions shall include:


Basketball - grade 8 boys

Basketball - grade 8 girls

Basketball - junior boys

Basketball - junior girls

Basketball - senior boys (A/AA)

Basketball - senior girls (A/AA)

Cross Country


Field Hockey - grade 8 girls

Field Hockey - junior girls

Field Hockey - senior girls (A/AA)


Rugby - grade 8 boys

Rugby - junior boys

Rugby - senior boys

Rugby - senior girls

Soccer - senior boys (A/AA)

Soccer - senior girls (A/AA)


Track and Field


Volleyball - grade 8 boys

Volleyball - grade 8 girls

Volleyball - junior boys

Volleyball - junior girls

Volleyball - senior boys (A/AA)

Volleyball - senior girls (A/AA)

* Senior sports - for some sports leagues may be combined A/AA and/or may combine with another Association

in order to form enough teams for a league.

Part 2: Sport Commissioner’s Responsibilities

2.1 It shall be the duty of each Commissioner to ensure that the Constitution, bylaws, and interpretations of

the Rules and Regulations, both permanent and temporary, of the Directors are enforced within the

Commission, under his or her care. (Commission rulings may be appealed to the Directors)

2.2 The Sport Commissioner shall provide creation of League Formats for the seasons including Playoff


2.3 Contact member schools to confirm / check on league commitment.

2.4 Collect all scores and send out standings (at least twice during league).

2.5 Each Commissioner, if necessary, may hold a post-season meeting to: discuss problems with the season’s

plan, discuss the rules and regulations for the sport concerned, and to elect a person to be Sport

Commissioner for the following year. The Sport Commissioner shall inform all commission members of

the post-season meeting in writing such that all members receive the notice fourteen (14) days before

the meeting.

2.6 The commissioner shall submit the Commission’s Year End Report (on the standard form) to the SOSAA

President. This report will be included in the SOSAA constitution and / or website. A replacement

Commissioner should be listed if the commissioner is stepping down.

2.7 Report SOSAA qualifiers to OVSAA championships to the OVSAA Commissioner.

2.8 Any changes to commission rules and regulations must be agreed upon by all coaches in that

Commission (and not be in contradiction to any existing BCSS, OVSAA and SOSAA rules).

2.9 Deal with commission discipline by notifying the SOSAA President of any cases requiring discipline and

sitting on discipline committee.

Part 3: Introduction of New Sport Commissions

Introduction of new sport commissions must have the approval of the Directors.

Part 4: Deletion of Existing Sport Commissions

4.1 A Notice of Motion must be presented at an SOSAA AGM in order to delete an existing Sports Commission.

4.2 If the motion to drop the commission is approved, the commission may operate for one more season of

competition before being discontinued.

Part 5: Participation in Leagues

5.1 In order for a league to exist in the SOSAA, there must be a playoff structure and Commissioner in place by

the day of the scheduling meeting.

5.2 A member school may withdraw a team from a league without penalty only if the Athletic Director or coach

informs the league commissioner one month prior to the start of the league (or at the discretion of the

Executive if there are extenuating circumstances).

5.3 Member schools may only be permitted late entry of a team into a league at the Commissioners discretion

and only if a team has dropped out of the league (filling another spot), as an "exhibition' team, or when it

benefits the league as a whole (Commissioner and coaches must be in agreement).

Part 6: Trophies

6.1 The SOSAA will recognize zone champions and runners-up for all grade 8 and junior leagues, as well as any

senior leagues that are SOSAA leagues. Any senior competition where the league is cross zonal, the

SOSAA will only recognize one zone champion (if the cross zone is not currently recognizing champions

and runners-up). The zone champion will be the highest finishing south zone team in the league/playoffs.

6.2 Purchase of the face-plate for the SOSAA trophy will be the individual school’s responsibility.