Article H - SOSAA Scholarship / Bursary


Part 1: S.O.S.A.A Scholarship /Bursary Award

1.1 Each year the Selection Committee from the member schools shall meet

to determine the most deserving athletes in grade 12 in the S.O.S.A.A.

Each year at the June AGM the SOSAA Executive shall evaluate the available funds to determine,

preferably, two male and two female awards are possible for the following year.

1.2 The Selection Committee shall consist of (when at all possible) :

(a) Administrative Representative

(b) AAA Member School Representative

(c) AA Member School Representative

(d) A Member School Representative

(e) SOSAA Representative

1.3 Submissions, on the standard form, must be presented to the SOSAA President one week prior to the

selection meeting (dates may vary).

1.4 Criteria for selection include the following:

(a) SOSAA Athletics 55%

(b) Extension of SOSAA Athletics 20%

(c) Citizenship 10%

(d) Leadership 10%

(e) Academic 5%

1.5 Voting will be done using an open ballot system.

1.6 The recipients will be presented with $250.00 Scholarships once receipt of enrollment in a post secondary

program is confirmed.

1.7 The Selection Committee may adjust the number, and amount, of awards depending on the number, and

type, of submissions with the agreement of the Directors (total amount may not exceed $1000).

Instructions: Forms should be copied, filled out, and sent to the current SOSAA President

S.O.S.A.A. Scholarship/Bursary Application