Article B - Rules and Regulations


Part 1: School Obligation to Participate

Schools are not committed to play in all sports or enter all divisions of a particular Association League, but where a school has teams competing in sports conducted by the Association, they shall be obligated to play in the Association league of that sport. Where the Association does not offer a specific sport, the Directors may permit participation in a league not under the Association jurisdiction.

Part 2: Organization of Leagues

2.1 The formats for all SOSAA leagues will be determined by the Executive after consultation with the current

commissioner of the particular sport.

2.2 The SOSAA Executive shall have the right to review and change all league and playoff structures.

2.3 An association league may be organized in more than one age / division.

2.4 A school must apply in writing to the SOSAA Executive for permission to be granted to allow a team to play

outside of their appropriate age/grade level. The letter must have the endorsement of the coach, acting

Athletic Director and Principal to be considered by the SOSAA. All requests must be received prior to the

AGM of the previous year.

Part 3: Organization of Schedules and Playoffs

Organization of zone playoffs will be handled by the current Commissioner in consultation with the Executive in accordance with the SOSAA playoffs.

Part 4: Game Rules

4.1 All SOSAA league competition and playoffs must be played under the rule of the recognized authority for

that sport, unless exceptions have been incorporated in the rules of the league.

4.2 All the SOSAA playoffs must be played under the rules of the recognized authority for that sport, unless

exceptions have been approved by more than sixty percent (60%) of the members concerned with that

sports commission.

Part 5: Seasons and Limits of Play and Practice

5.1 The Association will follow the seasons of play outlined in the BCSS handbook.

5.2 The Association wishes to give each sport full rights to carry out its program in its assigned season.

5.3 The Association must comply with the B.C. School Sports limits of seasons of play.

5.4 The SOSAA does not mandate seasons of practice for any sport. It is recommended, however, that member

schools force participation and practice by in season sports to take precedence over all other activities by

their athletes and coaches.

Part 6: Default, Postponement, Forfeitures and Withdrawals

6.1 Cancelling of a Game:

SOSAA League games are to be cancelled or rescheduled only under exceptional circumstances. If you

absolutely have to cancel or reschedule a game, the following people must be notified 48 hours prior to

the cancellation:

(i) Your Athletic Director

(ii) Opposing Coach and opposing Athletic Director

(iii) Commissioner for your sport

6.2 Defaulting A Game

Games should be defaulted only under exceptional circumstances. If a team is forced to default a game

the Principal and Athletic Director of that school, the SOSAA president, and possible officials must be

informed prior to notifying the opposing team. The opposing team must be given 48 hours notice if a

game is to be defaulted. If no such notice is given, a fine of $100 will be assessed. (Up to $50 of the fine

may be claimed by the opposing team to cover any incidental costs that may have been incurred).

6.3 Protesting A Game

(a) In order to be considered, a request for a protest review must be made in writing within two days of the

competition. The report must state the reasons for the protest and contain the details involved. Copies

must be sent to the Association President, Sports Commissioner, and the opposing school. The

Association President should be informed by phone as soon as possible if a protest has been made. For a

protest to be considered, a coach must inform the referee and the opposing team that he/she is

protesting the decision at the time of the incident and is thus allowing the game to be completed under

protest. Protests brought forward after the end of competition cannot be considered except by

extenuating circumstances or new knowledge.

(b) The Executive and sport Commissioner will rule on any protest. Appeals to a protest ruling will follow the

guidelines put forward by the SOSAA.

6.4 Withdrawing a Team

(a) Withdrawing a team from a league is a very serious matter. A coach or sponsor must discuss this matter

with the School Principal and Athletic Director before a decision to withdraw. The League Commissioner

and Association President must be notified immediately.

(b) Schools that declare a team and then pull out of the league once the schedule has been set shall be

assessed a fine of $150.00. This fine will double each time a school defaults a team during a school year.